Responsible sourcing

We strive to ensure that our suppliers uphold high standards for responsible business practices and how they treat the people who work for them.
Regardless of the type, we expect all suppliers who do business with 8000 PLUS to uphold the human rights, labor, health and safety, environmental, and business ethic practices. The Supplier Code of Conduct and other social and environmental-related requirements are incorporated into our supplier contracts.
We advance our responsible sourcing commitments through:
  • Analysis of risks and opportunities
  • Assurance and accountability
  • Capacity building
  • Creating shared value
All suppliers who do business with 8000 PLUS must uphold responsible practices.

Risk Assessment

We approach our efforts around responsible sourcing based on the social and environmental opportunity and risk in our supply chain.
We apply a risk-based approach to focus our efforts across our global base of suppliers, considering but not limited to the following:

Local Sourcing

Over the past several years, we’ve also enhanced how we assess and manage social and environmental risks across the full range of our indirect suppliers. 8000 PLUS screens suppliers against ethical, social, and environmental risks. We implement training programs related to anti-corruption, privacy, and security.
Each of our suppliers is expected to demonstrate compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and our specifications. To ensure continuous performance, suppliers must evolve their focus from reactive risk management to the development of strong management systems, and a preventive mindset. This transformation allows them to proactively mitigate risks, monitor performance, and continuously improve.

Minimize Carbon Footprint

We use green energy to minimize the carbon footprint of all of our data center facilities. We are in the process of implementing a Green Business certification for this matter and also install green energy production facilities.